Jason’s Perfect Art Day in Sacramento 1

If your new and looking for things to do in Sacramento or if you have lived here for a while and want to see some awesome art and get some good coffee here is my usual journey.

1. The Verge Art Gallery and Axis Art Gallery

The Verge art gallery in SacramentoCouch Art Instalation in Verge Gallery Sacramento

These galleries are conveniently in the same building. I show up about noon. It’s a great space. There are something like 20 artists with studios there (they have open studio days once in a while). The art is usually concept style art. Art that shares an idea or thought. It’s always very creative. More on the “edgy side” some would say. 🙂 The couches in the photo were set up like bleachers to listen to local music. From sculptures to installations to multimedia to paintings to photography, they have it all.

[ The Verge Gallery Website ] [ Axis Gallery Website ] [ Google Map ]

2. Insight Coffee to get caffeinated!

Insight Coffee Shop SacramentoThis is within walking distance from The Verge. A little walk gets the blood flowing. They serve great coffee. Their mocha is just right… not to sweet and nice and strong. It also has a really cool atmosphere. A post modern kind of look done really well… keeps the art theme going. 🙂

[ Insight Coffee Website ] [ Google Map ]

3. Atelier 20

atelier 20 Art Gallery SacramentoI get back in my ride and head to the 20th and I street area. This gallery is partly an antique and jewelry store but it has a room for art exhibits. This art is more decorative then conceptual. (By the way, I enjoy both types… I believe they can both be just as expressive and intriguing.) They have had some great exhibits from landscape paintings to abstract art. The jewelery and other objects are worth checking out too.

[ Atelier 20 Website ] [ Google Map ]

4. b. sakata garo Art Gallery

B Sakato Garo Art Gallery SacramentoThis gallery is only a few doors down. It’s more of an upscale gallery hosting world famous artists.  It features all types of visual art from sculptures to mix media to paintings and drawings. It is always very interesting. I’ve never seen 2 shows that are the same. The current show features airplane sculptures made out of many different materials and objects.

[ b. sakato garo website ] [ Google Map ]

5. Viewpoint Photography Gallery

Viewpoint Photography gallery SacramentoThe gallery is a few blocks away but I walk… it’s down J street so there are lots of cool shops to check out. The Viewpoint Gallery is strictly photography. As far as I know it’s the only gallery in Sacramento dedicated only to Photography. They feature exhibits by world famous photographers and also group shows featuring local artists. They have very beautiful photos. A show that stands out in my memory was one that displayed photos of jazz clubs and jazz musicians… the compositions were great and really showed the mood of the scene.

[ Viewpoint Website ] [ Google Map ]

 6. Alex Bult Art Gallery

Alex Bult Art Gallery SacramentoFinally I hike over to Alex Bult. This gallery is also pretty upscale… probably won’t be buying anything anytime soon… well maybe 🙂 … but it’s fun to look. They have some great shows. No 2 shows are the same. The current show features sculptures made out of curved strips of wood from old chairs. It is really creative and awesome.

[ Alex Bult Website ] [ Google Map ]

Note: There are many many other art galleries in Sacramento that have great art. I would love to eventually write about them all… but for now this is my usual route… but I’m always searching for new galleries and exhibitions.

Let me know if you have a suggestion for an art gallery I should go to… or if you have your own list I would love to post it and link to your site. 🙂 jtcampbellart@gmail.com