Paul Klee at the SFMOMA

I’m so glad the SFMOMA is open again! My wife and I went on a mini vacation and took a day to see the new SFMOMA. I really like the new design. There is a lot of raw wood grain that gives it a warm inviting feeling. It isn’t a stark cold museum. The floor plan is nice and wide open and the art is well organized. They have a whole room dedicated to Paul Klee.

The Art of Paul Klee

Paul Klee is one of my favorite artists. His work is very whimsical and child-like. Klee expresses freedom to follow whatever idea comes to him but he executes it very thoroughly. He has great sharp line quality.  He creates vibrant color schemes. His work also displays unique textures that hold your interest.

Paul Klee was a teacher at the Bauhaus a famous art school in Germany where Wassily Kandinsky also taught. He was a modern artist that dabbled in many different styles. Learn more about him on the SFMOMA website or on Wikipedia.

Paul Klee Painting Nearly Hit at the sfmomaPaul Klee Painting Red Villa Quarter sfmomaPaul Klee Painting Blossoms in the Night at the SFMOMAPaul Klee Painting at the sfmoma Paul Klee Painting at the sfmoma

Paul Cezanne

Cezanne is a famous Post-Impressionist French painter considered to be the father of modern art. Pablo Picasso considered him to be his painting father. Henry Matisse owned one of his bather paintings and wouldn’t sell it no matter how hard times got. Matisse later donated it to a museum for others to be inspired by. That is how renowned the great painter Paul Cezanne became.

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Happy Birthday Wassily Kandinsky!!

One of my favorite artists Wassily Kandinky had his 146th birthday today. He lives on through his many beautiful and innovative paintings. I discovered this thanks to google.

His early work could be classified as expressionism using bright colors to show the feelings of a landscape. His later work is more abstract.

In fact he is the one that invented abstract. Legend has it that after he had went home his cleaning lady who cleaned his studio accidentally put his painting back on the easle upside down! When Kandinsky returned he found his painting upside down and actually liked it better. This opened his eyes to the notion that a painting could be a work of art with our having any recognizable objects.

In addition to this he was a teacher at the Bauhaus a mecca for art and design in the 20’s and 30’s. Other teachers included Paul Klee.

Kandinsky Painting from Chicago Art Institute
Kandinsky Painting from Chicago Art Institute
Kandinsky Painting from Chicago Art Institute
Kandinsky Painting from Chicago Art Institute


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