Art Paint Color Chart App

I’ve designed an online web app that artists can use to find the right paint color. In color theory class you learn to mix shades, tints and tones of colors. It’s a great way to learn color. However, you don’t always have all of those charts with you when you are painting. So this is a simple way to pick out colors, the app will automatically tell you the paints you need and you can save or share  the results.

4 easy steps…

  1. Start on the home page and pick the color category you need.
    art paint color chart app home page
  2. Click “add” to add your desired color. Swatches will show in a pop up box in the bottom left corner. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as much as you need.
    art paint color chart app category page
  3. Click “View Summary” to see what paint you need and information about the colors. art paint color chart app color list pop up
  4. Save or share your color list. Options include printing, saving a PDF, emailing it, and sharing it on social paint color chart app save and share

Launch the Color Chart Web App now >>

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